Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
Alsetoy Alsetoy Spain
Alt Berlin Model International Germany
AM Miniatures Andy Madden USA
American Heritage Models
American Model Builders American Model Builders, Inc. USA
American Prototype Vehicles American Prototype Hobbies USA
American Trains American Trains USA
AmericanMotorWerks ? USA
AMF87 ? France
Anbrico Anbrico Scale Models UK
Andrepa André Siefert Germany
ANE Model ? ?
Aneste Aneste Spain
Anguplas Anguplas Spain
Antonescu Models Antonescu Models srl-RO Romania
APM American Precision Models USA
Apocope ? France
Apollo Toys
Appelman Adri Appelman The Netherlands
Äppli M. Äppli Germany
APS APS Politoys/Polistil Italy
APS Collection IMU Germany
ARI August Riedeler & Co GDR
Aria Master
Arii Arii Models Japan
Aris ? Russia
Armbruster Werner Armbruster Germany
Armortec ?
Armour87 ? ?
Armourtec ? ?
Arnecke Ulrich Arnecke Germany
ArsenalM HO Military Depot / Thomas Fichtl Germany
Artapo Artapo Czech Republic
Artitec Artitec The Netherlands
ASA 2000 Siekmann & Co. Germany
ASB Hobby ASB Hobby USA
ASC ASC Aoshin Japan
Aster Model
Astretsovskaia ? USSR
Atelier Debelleyme Eric Decaix France
Athabasca Athabasca Scale Models Ltd. Canada
Athearn Horizon Hobby Inc. USA
Atlantic Atlantic Italy
Atlas Atlas USA
ATM Alpadria Train Models Fabio Dobran Italy