Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
KitBashCastings Steve Talaga USA
Steam and Truck ? Germany
DWA-Hobby ? Denmark
Thoyapehka Kiev ? Unknown
Edocar Edor Benelux BV The Netherlands
Stettnisch Stettnisch Modell GmbH Germany
DMV ? German Democratic Republic
THS-Realix ? Unknown
TC Hobby China
Stewart Products Stewart Products USA
Eichinger, Torsten Torsten Eichinger Germany
Titzler, Kurt ? Unknown
Crown Premiums
EFKA ? Belgium
Stock & Heinze Stock & Heinze GmbH Germany
Engh ? The Netherlands
Efsi Holland-OTO The Netherlands
Knauth ? German Democratic Republic
NIC ? Hong Kong
Stokes, Lee Lee Stokes USA
Erk, Karl Karl Erk USA
Unknown CSFR ? Unknown
Egenolf ? Germany
Stoney Mountain Stoney Mountain Classic Casting USA
Unknown Czech Republic ? Unknown
Eheim Günther Eheim Germany
Streamlux Streamlux Pty. Ltd. Australia
Unknown Diecast Germany ? Unknown
High End Models Germany
AB Vidalis Brothers Greece
Eich-Modell-Design Eich-Modell-Design Switzerland
KoHo Koch & Hofmockel Germany
Studio 87 ? Germany
Unknown Plastic ? Unknown
3DMA Manfred Mitze/Andreas Priebe Germany
Eidai Eidai Co.Ltd. Japan
Kolln ? Unknown
Nissan ? China
Wegass ? Unknown
KoMo KoMo Ltd. Russia
Summer Summer Metal Products Manufacturing Hong Kong
Femoba ? Unknown
Wegert, Thomas ? Unknown
Epoche3D Germany
Eldon ? Unknown
Konia ? The Netherlands
NM Niko P. Müller Germany
Summer (China) ? China
Flesche, Klaus Klaus Flesche Germany
Work in Progress Harald Cramer Germany